Amanda HypnoSlave

It’s been five months since I last hypnotized Amanda. We begin by talking about her previous experience when I hypnotized her. I lead her back in to hypnosis, and begin to suggest feelings of pleasure and arousal.

I continue to suggest that the pleasure is growing, and I see her responding to these suggestions. I place thoughts in to her mind to support this, and listen to her as she repeats them back in a sleepy voice. I suggest that it really turns her on that I have complete control over her pleasure. I watch her response as I bring her to the edge of orgasm. I trigger a little tingle of electricity form her clit to her nipples, and watch how it affects her. I have her describe how she feels.

I have her body stay in whatever position I move her in to, so I pose her a bit. I then suggest more pleasure as I lift up her shirt. I decide to suggest that her arms are stuck in her shirt, and I wake her up a bit and talk with her as I watch her try to take her shirt off. Then I drop her back in to the trance state.

I deepen her trance state, and pose her body a bit more. I continue to suggest arousal and a need to orgasm, while reminding her that the orgasm is blocked until I release it. I untie her top and remove it, while continuing to suggest pleasure and good feelings.

With her breasts on display, I take a good look. I then reinforce the idea that it feels good to be hypnotized by me. I suggest a response in her nipples, and have her think of her ultimate fantasy in her mind. I then have her believe that she’s in her fantasy, while I take off her pants. I put the word yes in to her mind, and it comes to her lips over and over again. She continues to feel pleasure, and I suggest that she is completely under my control.

All women need to be held sometimes, and this is her time. I suggest that she’s about to orgasm and I have her hold on to me. I test her, and see that the suggestion that she’s completely under my control is still fresh in her mind. I continue to bond her to me as I continue to increase her arousal.

I suggest that she feels lust and desire, fast and hard now. I suggest that she feels that she’s having sex. I then have her describe what she’s feeling, what perfect sex to her feels like.

I have her count, out loud, from 1 to 20, doubling the intensity of her horniness with each number.

I suggest that she’s feeling incredible pleasure. I then have her describe what she’s feeling and what she needs. I suggest that she try to rub herself to bring herself to orgasm, although she won’t be able to without my permission. I then collar her. I ask her what the collar feels like, and I give her suggestions that link wearing my collar to good physical feelings. I then ask her what type of person wears a collar, and by extension what that makes her. She then finds that my touch is soothing and pleasurable and enjoyable. She immediately misses it when I remove my touch.

When I find out that she has an enjoyment of being spanked, I use my flogger on her. I have her describe what the sensation is like. Then I suggest that while I use the flogger on her, she play with her breasts. I then have her think about and remember the pleasure she had during our last session together. I then use several methods to increase the build up of and her experience of pleasure. I suggest that my fingers make her feel content.

As a submissive, I train her to do a few things. First, I train her to stand at attention on my command. I watch the intense reaction that she has when I suggest that she feels like she’s about to cum. Next, I train her to kneel on my command. While she is on her knees, I suggest that she’s having sex and that she’s on top. I then train her to pose on command, following that with suggestions of pleasure.

I ask her to describe how it feels to carry out my instructions. I am pleased with the answer, and I trigger an orgasm. This is her first orgasm of the session after half an hour of hypnotic buildup. I’m very pleased with the result. Next, I train her to present her breasts to me on command. Then I trigger another orgasm. I extend the during of the orgasm by whispering suggestions of pleasure in to her ear.

I suggest to her that she is about to cum, and I bring her to the edge of that. However, on the count of three I wake her up with her still feeling like she’s about to cum. I ask her to tell me what’s on her mind. Then I use her slave triggers on her while she’s in a relatively normal state of mind. I then place her back in to a trance state, and suggest pleasure as I deepen it.

I train her to embrace me on command. I then take her back to a soothing pleasurable place where she’s almost about to cum. I train her to feel a spank when I touch her ass and say spank.

I have her cum on command. She rides out the pleasure. I then have her kneel before me and I ask her how she’s feeling.

Kneeling before me, I ask her who she obeys, and she answers that she obeys me. I reward her with an orgasm. I have her count to 30 as she has a 30 second extended orgasm.

I run her through her slave commands, and give her orgasms. I then have her embrace me, and I seduce her.

I have a fake ice cube that I suggest to her is a real ice cube. I trace it over her body. She discovers it’s true nature, then I make her think it’s real again. After, I trigger orgasms.

I condition her to respond by orgasming when I turn on this device and use it on her, and cumming when I turn on the device with the music and use it on her.

I bring her out of the trance state and use the device on her. While doing so, I mention a little bit about the significance of Ghengis Kahn. (Long time followers of my work may remember references to Ghengis Kahn from time to time over the years.)

I use the device on her again, this time really cranking up the intensity to see if I can get her to collapse on to the ground.

Now I use the device on her ass.

I use the device on her in various positions. I have her describe the effects of the device, and she calls it the "cum wand". I then change it’s effect so that it makes her dance, so she’s a little surprised when I use it on her.

I take her back in to a state of deep trance, and relax her, suggesting that she feels like she’s getting a real nice massage. I then suggest that she feels two fingers sliding in to her pussy, massaging her there too. I then trigger an orgasm.

I have her embrace me, and I give her suggestions to prepare her for the next session that I do with her. I then take off her slave collar, and have her get dressed. As she dresses, I distract her with the cum wand again.

I take her back in to the trance state one more time, and trigger some more pleasure before we wrap up the session. [End of Session]

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