Nails HypnoSlave 3

I begin the session with a short talk with Nails, explaining that because of my aggressive fitness and nutrition program, I no longer possess any formal clothes that fit me, and that my body is still in a state of flux, so it doesn’t make sense to go out and get new formal clothes at this time. We then review my BDSM toys, and there’s no recent additions. I find out that Nails absolutely hates my curved wooden paddle, and we discuss that for a moment. On that cheerful note we move on to taking a bit of an inventory of the rest of the toys, and Nails tries her hand at tossing the single tail whip a few times. I then ask her what the high points of the last session were for her.

Nails had mentioned to me that there were old favorites from previous hypnosis sessions that she wanted to revisit. I begin the induction process and give her suggestions of arousal and pleasure. Then I suggest that balloons are tied to her wrists. I then intensify the experience of pleasure for her.

Nails also mentioned that she liked being turned in to a mannequin, so I take her back to that place. While frozen and posed, I have her orgasm. I then get her out of her dress, and have her think of sex. As she thinks of it, she feels it, and she feels pleasure. She enjoys it, then I have her think of sex with ice cubes inside of her. I suggest that the ice cubes melt, and the water drips down her legs. She doesn’t seem to like this too much, but I like watching her squirm, so I continue to make the description more and more unpleasant for her.

I link those unpleasant sensations to my red and black flogger and torture Nails with the disgusting feeling. I then use the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her to keep her off balance, and punctuate the whole experience with orgasms.

I continue to have Nails associate pleasure at the sound of my single tail whip.

I instruct Nails to stand at attention. She is slow and lazy in doing so, so I decide to permanently make my black and red suede flogger in to the punishment flogger to motivate her to train better. Then, using the punishment flogger and orgasmic rewards, I train her to properly stand at attention.

Taking a break from the training, I let her catch her breath by returning to the balloons. I give her a happy and giggling feeling with the balloons. I then give her orgasms, and have her practice her breathing while she feels pleasure.

It is not enough to just be obedient to be my slave, you must also be in the best health you can be in. I lead her through a squat, and find out that she has bad knees, so I abandon this movement. However, I grow impatient with her not holding attention on my command, so I use the Punishment Flogger on her and encourage her to be more disciplined as she stands before me.

Now I train Nails with biceps curls with low weight, having her maintain proper posture, even while experiencing triggered orgasms. I decide that it’s time to train her to have more controlled posture, so I train her with the Punishment Flogger, before training her other arm. I tire her out, and then reward her by making the carpet ticklish.

Fearing the ticklishness of the carpet, Nails climbs on me. I use orgasms to try to cause her to lose her grip and end up on the carpet. I then reinforce her obedience at standing at attention before me.

Nails has a deep seated emotional issue with my curved wooden paddle. I decide to work on removing this stress. First, I present the idea that the only emotional stress she should feel should be the deliberate emotional stress that I cause. I then use the Punishment Flogger on her. After that I desensitize her to the paddle and use it on her.

Now I distract her from the paddle, by suggesting that the floor is tickling her and she leaps in to my arms again. However, I use a variety of suggestions to make it difficult for her to stay off the carpet.

I decide to see how well Nails has been trained first by making the carpet ticklish, then by making her stand at attention, then by triggering orgasms. After, she catches her breath, I see her in a position that would make her a nice table, and decide to place my floggers on her. This causes quite a dilemma for her. I decide to tease her while she copes with my floggers under the looming threat of dire consequences if she were to drop them. Then command her to stand at attention, which makes it even more of a difficult situation. She manages to make it past that, and then I begin by rewarding her with the sensation of a tongue licking her pussy, but I decide to make the sensation more and more twisted as she struggles to keep my floggers in place. Then when it couldn’t possibly get any worse for her, I use my Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her. Then I use the Punishment Flogger on her. Finally the Flogger of Extreme Horniness. I am satisfied with her obedience, so I reward her with pleasure.

I move to place my slave collar on Nails, and for some reason she asks not to accept it. I tolerate this, however, I make her choose the order that I’m going to use the floggers on her as punishment. I then chain her to my bondage bench and let the flogging begin with the Punishment Flogger. She attempts to leave slack in the chains, but I correct this as she whimpers in desperation and anticipation of the next flogging. She still tries to squirm away from the flogger, so I attach her hand to the bench with suggestion.

Nails is still chained to the bondage bench, and I continue flogging her with the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness. She resists with all her might, but succumbs in the end. I then use the Flogger of Extreme Horniness on her.

I test her speed at standing at attention. I am not happy with it, so I use the Punishment Flogger on her. She then burps, and I have all of that I’m going to take from her, so I use the Punishment Flogger on her to it’s extreme, and make her pay for her rudeness and cure her of it permanently.

I cool her down and relax her and free her of her stress and tensions. I have her embrace me, and I continue to relax her and put her in to a state of peace. I then give her more pleasure before bringing her out of the trance state. She gets dressed and then remembers that a friend of hers that she brought along watched the whole thing. [ End of Session ]

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