Brittany and Nails HypnoSlaves

I talk with Brittany and Nails about how they feel about being hypnotized briefly before using my trance triggers on them. With suggestions of arousal I use deepening techniques to take them in to a deep trance. I then give them a suggestion that obeying my voice gives them a physical tingle of pleasure.

I hypnotically reinforce the idea in the girls minds that when one of them feels pleasure, they both feel pleasure.

I ask the girls some questions about how long it’s been since the last time they had an orgasm and the last time that they have had sex. I then suggest that they will embrace me and feel that they are having the best sex of their lives. As this happens, I continue to suggest their focus on me and feelings of arousal and obedience towards me.

I give the girls powerful multiple orgasms as I condition them further to obey my voice and respond with pleasure to my touch.

I suggest that the girls really want to get naked for me.

I have the girls adopt a posture of submission, and then I introduce them to the flogger of ticklishness via hypnotic suggestion. As I use the Flogger of Ticklishness on them I trigger powerful multiple orgasms, and then return them to the posture of submission.

I place collars on the girls and claim them as my HypnoSlaves.

I suggest that the girls will open their eyes an look in to my eyes and orgasm. As they do so, they will feel their obedience to me become complete.

I suggest that the girls giggle as they feel my power over them. I suggest that it feels silly, but that it also feels complete.

I bring my HypnoSlaves to the saw horses and bend them over and re-introduce them to the Flogger of Ticklishness. Afterwards I instruct them to count down, out load and in unison, as I pose for pictures over them.

I command the girls to stand closer to me, and I assert more control over their minds and their bodies. I continue to suggest different forms of physical pleasure that they respond to. I then place the thought in to their mind that they trust me because I bring them pleasure.

My HypnoSlaves are bent over the saw horses and I give them hypnospankings. As I do this, I trigger orgasms, and even bring out the Flogger of Ticklishness.

I have my HypnoSlaves on their backs on the ground and then I suggest that all their piercings are spreading waves of pleasures through their bodies.

My HypnoSlaves are still on their backs, and I bring out the Flogger of Ticklishness, and watch them squirm on the ground. In a special treat for our foot fetishists, I use the flogger on their feet. I also freeze them in to place, as I use my flogger on them. I continue to watch them squirm and then I trigger orgasms.

I suggest to the girls that they are on a beach. I then suggest to them a variety of sexual feelings, feeling sex with their Master and sex with each other. I also make use of many of their different triggers and give them orgasms.

I have my HypnoSlaves in my arms, and I watch their response as I command them to experience ten orgasms all at once.

I give the girls further suggestions reinforcing their thinking of me as their Master. I then remove their collars, give them an orgasm, and then watch them squirm with the Flogger of Ticklishness.

I suggest that the girls think of a time when they were pleasuring themselves. I then suggest that they caress their breasts, fantasizing about their Master caressing their breasts and this leads to an orgasm.

I give the girls positive suggestions and wrap up the session. Before I end the trance, I suggest that they will wake up laughing as I just told them the funniest joke they’ve ever heard in their lives. I then watch their reactions as they get dressed. [ End of Session ]

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