Nails HypnoSlave 2

Nails returns to my dungeon to be hypnotized to be my obedient slave. Before we begin, I show her some of the new additions to my dungeon, metal shackles, a new suede flogger, a single tail whip, and a curved wooden paddle. I then begin the induction process, and take her back in to the wonderful state of mind where she lets herself be absorbed by my voice.

I condition Nails to respond with the sensation of pleasure when she hears the sound of my single tail whip. I then question her about her feelings from the whip.

I continue to bond her to my whip. To me, she and the whip are no different, they are both tools that obey my will. The whip is a tool that obeys my command and her body is a tool that obeys my command. I then have her listen for the sound of my whip as she feels my hand on her ass and imagine that my whip is traveling through my body and through my hand to her ass. I then have her explore the feeling. I then have her cum on command.

I like the position that Nails is in, so I bring her around the bench for the viewers to see. I continue to bring her pleasure, triggered by my whip, and then I secure her to the bondage bench. She feels excitement in the anticipation of pleasure, but is apprehensive because she knows I’m going to tickle her. Remembering that she likes to grab on to things when she’s having sex, I secure her ankles and have her grab on to the chains with her hands.

Nails has the chains wrapped around her hands as I continue to heat her up with suggestion and my single tail whip. I then pull down my Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness and ask her if she recognizes it. She does, and I use it on her. However, she doesn’t remember it’s name, so I use it to motivate her to remember it properly.

I switch to the single tail whip for a short while, and thin trigger an orgasm and a climax. While she is recovering from this, I switch back to the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness.

I bring out my new black and red suede flogger, and decide to make this the flogger of sexual domination. I use it on her for a bit, and gauge it’s effect.

I have Nails remember the effect that my fingers have on the inside of her leg. Then I bring her back around the bondage bench. I then introduce her to my new wooden paddle. She looks at it with trepidation, so I decide to soften her up a bit with the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness, before taking off her dress and using the paddle on her. I then decide to name the paddle the cum paddle. When I use it on someone it makes them cum. We then explore how it makes her feel. I then make her dance around my bondage bench by alternating between the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness and the Cum Paddle, until finally she is all twisted up and has nowhere to go.

I have Nails sit on my bench to make sure that her ass isn’t getting too tender. Then I have her take off her panties. Then it’s time to work on her balance as I use the Flogger of Extreme Horniness on the front of her, and the Cum Paddle on her rear. I have her take off her bra, and unfortunately she reaches low instead of high and has a collision with the Cum Paddle. Fortunately it didn’t seem to do any harm so we move forward with the session. She’s having a difficult time keeping her balance, so I ask her if she wants to be allowed back on the floor. There is a price to pay however, and I use the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her.

I bring back out the other floggers, and continue to stimulate Nails in various ways with the Flogger of Sexual Domination as she embraces me, using her body to express what she’s feeling. Then I have her cum on command. I ask her how long it’s been since her last orgasm, and she tells me that it was during her last session with me.

Using the Flogger of Sexual Domination, I have Nails maintain her position while I use the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her. I then make her take the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness and use it on herself every time I use the Flogger of Sexual Domination on her.

Nails is curled up and whimpering under the effect of the floggers, so I hang them up and bring her in to my arms to comfort her a little. I trigger an orgasm, and then let her catch her breath as she feels her arousal growing as she counts. I then suggest that she pretends that the bondage bench is her sexual partner and she is having sex with it. After, I decide that if she can endure the flogger, I won’t have her climb on the bondage bench and have sex with it. However, I notice something interesting as I have her choose the implement that I spank her with.

I have Nails use the Cum Paddle on her thigh every time I use the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her. She complains, so I have her use the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness and the Cum Paddle on herself every time I crack my single tail whip. Ultimately she ends up on the floor, drained.

I comfort her with my touch, and I suggest feelings of pleasure. I then have her re-center her energy, and feel her stress and tension and frustrations leave. I relax her and take it easy, then I train her to remember to keep breathing as she has the biggest orgasm of her life.

I bring Nails out of her state of peace and relaxation with the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness. I then bring her back in to position on my bondage bench.

I then use my single tail whip on her from the rear, alternating pain with pleasure. The end of the whip keeps wanting to find it’s way to her pussy, and this proves to be pretty intense, so I switch to the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness.

I have Nails in the bent over spanking position, and I use each of my spanking toys on her in sequence. She’s particularly conflicted with the Cum Paddle.

I am finished using the floggers on Nails for the session, and I have her embrace me over the bondage bench. I trigger pleasure, and have her let out all of her sexual frustrations and tensions. I then bring her down to the floor with me to do the cool down. I then continue to work with her on her posture, and training her to breath while she feels pleasure.

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