Ashley HypnoSlave

We begin by talking about her previous experienced being hypnotized for ( Clip listing here). She doesn’t really remember much, and doesn’t remember orgasming through hypnosis. I begin the induction, and it doesn’t take very much time to place her in to a trance state. Next I begin the process of suggesting pleasure and arousal. I then suggest that she responds favorably to my voice and my touch. She orgasms when we kiss.

I suggest that her subconscious mind perceives me as a lover, and that her body and mind will respond to me in that context. I then train her to stand at attention on my command. I ask her if she has stress and tension in her life. She says yes. So I tell her that we are going to take it all away. I ask her how that’s going to make her feel, and she says, “wonderful.” I then begin the orgasm-now progressive relaxation exercise.

I suggest that when she looks in to my eyes, she’s going to feel that we’re having really, really good sex and that she’ll think it’s really neat. She smiles at that, and then I have her look in to my eyes. She instantly responds to my suggestion. I trigger more pleasure, then ask her to tell me how she feels. We kiss again, and then more orgasms. After, I ask her to describe how various things that I’m doing to her feels. I suggest that my touch feels really good, and then ask her if she could think of anywhere on her body where should wouldn’t want to be touched. She says that she can’t, and I become more bold with my hands, and trigger another orgasm.

I have her jump in to my arms, and I trigger orgasms while she feels that she’s flying. Then I have her stand at attention and continue the orgasm-now progressive relaxation exercise. I suggest more pleasure, and then tickles. Then the tickles becomes tickles of the most erotic pleasure she’s ever felt.

Once again, at attention, we continue the orgasm-now progressive relaxation exercise. I continue to attune her to my voice, and the truth of what I say. Then I tell her that there is a tongue licking her pussy. Then I tell her that there are ice cubes in her panties. Then I tell her that there are both. More relaxation, then another orgasm, and more wonderful pleasure. I then introduce the idea that I am her Master, and that she is my obedient sex slave. I then have her orgasm as an obedient sex slave and notice the increase in intensity from a normal orgasm.

Standing at attention, she feels pleasure, and I continue the relaxation exercise. I continue to train her to respond favorable to me, and to obey me.

When I say the word Begin, I have her look in to my eyes and tell me all her thoughts. I then work on untying her shirt, and in the middle of it, I spike her pleasure and arousal considerably, really turning on the heat. As I get ready to remove her shirt, I give her suggestions of wanting to stand naked before me, and wanting me to look at her breasts.

I pull down her shirt, and cause her to feel pleasure, as I enjoy her breasts. I continue to give her suggestions that make her feel good about herself and sexy. Additionally, I give her suggestions that cause her to hope that her Master likes her boobs, and to hope that her master touches her boobs. After I remove her shirt, I see that the suggestions have taken hold, and I enjoy her breasts some more. I suggest to her that my kiss on her breasts feels better than the best oral sex she’s ever received.

I take her to the cross, and freeze her there using suggestion. I then have her try to get free, but she can’t. I have her let me know when she knows that she can’t move her hands, and she does. I then ask her how that makes her feel, and she tells me that it feels good, because she likes being tied up. I then let my hands roam her helpless body, as I continue to suggest pleasure and arousal. I then suggest that she needs me for her pleasure, and put the idea that if I were to walk away and leave her at this moment, she would spend the rest of the night unfulfilled. This creates a sense of urgency in her, and then I cause her to feel even more pleasure.

I slowly pull down her skirt, and as I do so, I have her think about where my fingers are, and how close they are to her pleasure, and planting the seeds of desire. I then suggest that the next time I touch her, she’s going to have a little orgasm where I touch. I then touch her ass, and suggest that she’s having a little orgasm in her ass. I then run with ass based pleasure for a while. Ultimately, I suggest that she cum out of her ass. Then I suggest that she have an orgasm in her right big toe. I then take off her panties while she feels these sensations, and when the panties are off, I suggest that not only is she having an orgasm in her right big toe, but that it’s also being tickled at the same time.

I reinforce the idea that I control her mind and body, before triggering a full body orgasm. I have her struggle to pull her hands from the cross, in a sexy, playful way, so that she can feel my control over her. I then introduce her to the Flogger of Extreme Horniness and the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness. I use the floggers on her for a while. Then I have her spread her legs, and use the floggers on her pussy. I trigger numerous orgasms in strange places. Then I put a powerful desire in to her mind to wrap herself around my body. She’s still attached to the cross, so she can’t carry out this desire.

On the count of three, she is released from the cross, and she fulfills her desire to wrap her body around mine. I then use the floggers on her ass, while she is wrapped around me. I then trigger pleasure, and then make her feel happy, bouncing and giggling, while I prepare for the next thing I have planned for her.

I give her more suggestions that cause her to respond favorably to me, and increase her excitement and arousal. I then prepare her to wear my collar, and then collar her. I prepare her to enter subspace while in a state of hypnosis.

I show her the pleasure that I promised her before I put on her collar. I ask her how it feels, and she says that my touch is getting her off. I then have her spread her legs, and I lower my hand. However, I tell her that if she wants to feel that pleasure, she has to move her body to me. She does so, and I touch her pussy and bring her incredible pleasure until she cums, and I feel it on my fingertips. I then trigger orgasms, as I continue to touch her pussy.

I give her thoughts of obedience, as I prepare for the next segment. Then I use the floggers on her ass unexpectedly. I then ask her how it feels to wear my collar, and am satisfied with the answer, so I have her cum on command as a reward.

I place restraints on her wrists, and enjoy her breasts, as I use her pleasure triggers. Not only feeling sexual pleasure, but an intense intimacy. I then leave her hands, frozen above her head, before I attach a chain to her wrist restraints.

I ask her if she would be pleasuring herself if she were by herself. She answers that she would. I then place the idea in her mind that she really needs to pleasure herself, but deny it to her for a while. I also spend a little bit of time reinforcing the idea that she really enjoys my touch on her breasts. Eventually she breaks free of the restraints and starts to pleasure herself.

The last time I hypnotized her, I put a command in her mind to feel a spanking when I touched her ass and said the word spank. I check to see if it still has an effect on her, and it does.

She does a sexy dance at the snap of my fingers. I ask her to tell me what she’s thinking, and she tells me that she wants me. I toy with her for a few minutes, to see if I can get her to say what she wants in more blunt terms. I then suggest that she’s having loud hot wild animal sex. I then place her back on the cross, using my floggers, as I ask her some questions. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled again.

I train her to kneel on command. I then train her to pose on command. While she is on her knees before me, I decide that I’d like to see what she’s like when she’s giving oral sex. So I have her experience an oral sex fantasy. During it, I suggest that she feels the pleasure that she’s giving. After she finishes this, I have her freeze in to position, while we change the tape.

I pose her for a while. Then I have her kneel before me as I trigger her pleasure.

I train her to present her breasts to me. When I ask her what she is thinking as she does so, she tells me, “They’re all yours.” I then have her do all the things I’ve trained her to do. I then ask her some questions.

Now I have her tell me what her most secret sexual fantasy is. Then she experiences it.

I ask her how it was to live her fantasy, and she tells me it was wonderful. I then give her pleasure, and give her positive suggestions for the future.

I prepare to wake her up. I suggest to her that she will hold the flogger of extreme horniness in her hand, and subconsciously use it on herself while we talk. I then wake her up. I then talk with her and ask her some questions. I give her my hand at one point, and tell her that she can place it anywhere on her body that she wants. She places it between her legs.

I make her stiff and rigid, with the intention of placing her on top of my stands, but I have trouble getting her in to position, so I decide to play it safe and do something else with her instead. I trigger her pleasure while she’s stiff and rigid, and watch how it affects her. Then I release her from feeling stiff and rigid, and suggest that she’s feeling loose and sexy. I then give her pleasure with my touch as I give her pleasure with hypnotic triggers.

I ask her if she knows what a pheromone is, and she tells me that she doesn’t. So I explain them to her, and suggest that she notices my pheromones. She does.

I lead her through variations on the hypnotic orgasm.

I have her orgasm in fast forward. Then I have her do it in reverse, and make an interesting discovery that I explore in greater detail.

I have her come to a more normal state of mind, and experience pleasure consciously so that she has a taste in her mind consciously of all the pleasure I make her feel. I ask her some questions, and approve of the answers, and reward her with pleasure. I observe her triggered responses while she feels awake. I then dress her.

I finish dressing her, and then suddenly suggest to her that she’s having anal sex. We then wrap up the session. I offer her a big toe orgasm, and she tells me that she’s really tired. I tell her that big toe orgasms are like getting five hours of sleep, and show her. We then end the session. [ End of Session. ]

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