Kelly, Brittany and Nails HypnoSlaves

I begin the hypnotic induction with Kelly, Brittany and Nails, three women that I have worked with in the past. I have them standing in a row, and I instruct them to concentrate on my voice, and to let any of their own thoughts drift away to be replaced with my words.

I continue the induction with the girls using a progressive relaxation exercise. As I suggest relaxation from the tension leaving their bodies, I also suggest arousal and pleasure as they listen to my voice.

I do a suggestibility test to evaluate where the girls are in the trance process, both as individuals and as a whole. I have them imagine the sensation of balloons, and compare how each individual responds.

I suggest to the girls that they feel the sensation of oral sex, and I continue to give them suggestions of pleasure to arouse them further.

As I suggest pleasure and arousal, I also suggest that the girls are attracted closer to me. I give them words to repeat and to believe, in unison. First, reinforcing the idea that my words bring them pleasure. Then reinforcing the idea that their inhibitions are gone.

I suggest that the girls are feeling the sensation of sex. As they feel this, I suggest that they are annoyed with their shirts and want to take them off. They do so, and I continue to suggest that they feel pleasure, building up to orgasm.

Everywhere that skin touches skin the girls feel pleasure. I then suggest that the girls hands will be drawn to touch as much skin as they can. As they do this, I suggest that their bras feel annoying, and that they wan to take them off. Now, topless and touching each other, I suggest that the oral sex begins again. Then I give them suggestions involving caressing their breasts and the breasts of each other. I suggest that Kelly and Nails touch Brittany’s breasts and that she will orgasm from this. I have them share each other’s pleasure amongst themselves, and as the orgasm builds, I interrupt and freeze them, asking for each to describe how they feel, before releasing them to orgasm.

The girls stand before me, and I deepen their trance states. I suggest that they feel sexy, but also that they are annoyed that they are wearing clothes. At the count of three, they remove their clothes. I reinforce the idea in their minds that they love to stand before me naked.

I suggest that the girls know that I am the sexiest man on Earth, and that they crave me more than they’ve ever craved anyone in their life. I then suggest that when I count to three they will press their bodies against mine. I suggest that they feel that they are having sex, and this pleasure is leading up to orgasm.

I turn the girls in to mannequins and give them power over each other.

Now I pose them on to each other and observe their reactions. I also let them see what it’s like to have the other girls orgasm on command.

I place the thought deeply in to the girls minds that when one of them feels pleasure, they all feel pleasure. I then suggest that they orgasm.

I educate the girls on the various types of possible orgasms. First, the long and gentle orgasm. Second is the hard and powerful orgasm. Third, is the instantaneous orgasm. I see that Kelly is very deeply in to the pleasure and I take her in my arms. I then find out which girl preferred which orgasm.

I suggest that when I count to three, the girls are going to have an orgasm like the first orgasm of a person who has just discovered sex. As I build up to this, I have them touch themselves in various intimate ways.

I have my Brittany and Nails adopt the posture of obedience and Kelly stand at attention before me. It’s now time to place my HypnoSlaves in to their slave uniforms.

I have Kelly watch my HypnoSlaves feel pleasure and prepare her to join them as one of them. I suggest that my HypnoSlaves feel their slave uniforms and notice how it makes them feel good. Then I have Kelly sit down and prepare to feel more pleasure than she’s ever felt before. Relaxing in to a deep trance, I prepare to make her my slave.

I have the girls touch each other and experience so much pleasure that they collapse to the ground.

I prepare Kelly for her slave uniform. As I do this, I have the girls do a deepening count, repeating the one sentence, “I will obey Master Aaron,” between every number. I freeze them in the middle of the task while I dress my new HypnoSlave.

I finish placing Kelly in to her slave uniform, and give her feelings of pleasure and obedience to me. I then have the girls finish counting down while repeating their sentence of obedience. While they do this, I place the collar on to Kelly. I then command the girls to feel obedient orgasms.

My HypnoSlaves are now standing in a row, in matching slave uniforms. I prime them for their thoughts upon opening their eyes. Then, I have them look at each other and seem themselves as my HypnoSlaves. I give them orgasms and have the adopt the posture of obedience and submission. Then I command them to orgasm as they rise to their feet.

I instruct my HypnoSlaves to bend over the saw horses, spread their legs, and stick their asses in the air. Then I suggest that they feel pleasure in anticipation. I ask my HypnoSlave Kelly if she’s ever been spanked for pleasure before and if she enjoyed it. I then give the girls the suggestion that when I touch their asses and say the word spank, that they will feel that I’ve just spanked them. I also give them the suggestion that when I touch their asses and say the word pleasure, it will feel really good. I do some hypno-spanking with them, then I suggest that they feel that they are having sex in a way that makes sense with the position that they are in.

I use the Flogger of Ticklishness on my HypnoSlaves. I mix in some hypno-spanking as well. I continue to arouse and stimulate them from a wide variety of methods, and then I trigger a very powerful release, that I use to further condition them for obedience to me.

I have the girls look in to my eyes and orgasm, showing their emotions on their face. I then suggest that on the count of three they will wake up, rise to their feet, hug me and kiss me on the cheek and thank me for hypnotizing them tonight. As they do, I give each one of them one last orgasm. [ End of Session ]

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