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I meet Jill, who I am going to hypnotize. I ask her if she’s ever been hypnotized before, and she tells me no. I then ask if she’s ever seen it done, and she tells me not that she think was real. She mentions that what she saw that she didn’t think was real, was turning people in to animals, something that would come back to her later. I begin the trance process with her, and she goes in to a state of hypnosis immediately. Because of her incredible responsiveness, I dispense with much of the preliminaries and suggest feelings of pleasure and arousal.

I suggest that Jill feels a hundred tongues licking her pussy. Her response is immediate and I can see that the suggestion is affecting her strongly. I have her describe how it feels. Then I bring her to the edge of an orgasm, but keep her from having one quite yet, while I give her the suggestion that she will orgasm on my command. I then suggest that my voice makes her horny. I then give her a series of suggestions designed to cause her to respond favorably towards me. Then I trigger her orgasm.

I give Jill further commands to unlock her passions, as I suggest more pleasure and trigger another orgasm. I then give her more suggestions to reinforce her responsiveness to me. I then introduce the concept of me as her master to her mind. I then suggest that she will embrace me, pressed close and tight, and move against me in the most seductive way. She responds to this suggestion very well, and I have her describe how she feels as she does so.

I instruct Jill to stand at attention, and she does. I then suggest to her that anytime I say the phrase good girl to her, she will feel happy and proud. I then instruct her to take off her shirt, and she does so without hesitation. I then reward her by saying good girl, followed by suggestions of pleasure, and an orgasm. I then suggest that she rub herself against my leg in an erotic fashion. I then trigger several orgasms of increasing intensity. I then instruct her to take off her bra. Now that she is standing topless before me, I give her further ideas to believe to continue bringing her in to a state of submission and obedience.

I suggest that Jill will open her eyes and fall deeply in love with me, and then she will throw herself passionately in to my arms. She does so and immediately starts kissing me. I ask her how it feels, and she answers that it feels amazing. I then reward her with another orgasm.

I suggest that one the count of three, Jill will feel a raw sexual biological imperative to kiss me with all her passion to express all her feeling, and the moment her lips touch mine, she will orgasm. I then count to three, and pull back and make her chase me for that kiss. I then have her stand at attention before me while she orgasms.

I suggest that Jill wants to rip off the rest of her clothes as quickly as she can, and she does. I then ask her to describe how she feels sexually, and she does. I’m pleased with her response and reward her with an orgasm. I then suggest that she take my hand and place it where she wants to feel it on her body. She pulls my hand to her breasts and presses it against her. I’m pleased with her choice, and give her a suggestion that my touch on her breasts gives her an orgasm for as long as I touch her. She then passionately pulls my hand back to her breast.

I give Jill the suggestion that inside her nipple piercings is a device that only I can control that causes a signal to go through her nipple to her central nervous system that causes her to orgasm when I say the word on, until I say the word off. I then explore this.

I count to three and Jill opens her eyes and feels that we are having sex, even though I am wearing my clothes.

I turn Jill in to a mannequin and pose her. I then wake her up and continue posing her.

I suggest that JIll play with her boobies and bring herself to orgasm by doing so.

I train Jill to cum on command. I use the trigger, and she cums. I then ask her about how frequently she normally orgasms and cums in her life. I then train her to climax on command. In the wake of all the pleasure, I give her a few more suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me.

I have Jill imagine that she is giving oral sex.

Remembering back to the initial interview, I decide to turn Jill in to a cute little puppy dog, and then in to a chicken. In between, I give her pleasure, and more suggestions to condition her to respond favorably to me and my touch.

I ask Jill if she’s ever been spanked for pleasure before. She answers that she has, and I do some hypno-spanking with her.

I condition Jill to understand that I have hypnotized her to feel these feelings for me and to find the idea attractive. At the snap of my fingers, she acknowledges this and then paints my body with her body. I then use her pleasure triggers.

I have her describe how it feels when I touch her breast. She describes that she enjoys it, so I enjoy the feeling of both her breasts. I then have her sit down on a chair, with her legs spread wide and her hands above her head. I then make it so that she can’t move her hands, while increasing her horny feelings and her need to be touched. As she feels her desires increase, and is unable to do anything about them, I ask her if she wants her master’s help. She says yes. I ask her what she wants, and she says that she wants him to play with her clit. She feels pleasure at my touch, and I use suggestion to increase the amount and type of pleasure that my touch gives her. I then bring her to multiple orgasms.

I analyze the structure of Jill’s desire, and then cause her to feel pleasure. I then stack a number of pleasure suggestions, and then kiss her breasts, causing her to feel such intense feelings that sweeps her off her feet.

I have Jill do her early morning exercises, naked, by having her jog in place and do jumping jacks, causing her to orgasm in the middle, of course. The suggestion of pleasure that I give her during her jumping jacks is even more suggestive. We then talk a bit.

I continue talking with Jill about the experience. She mentions that she doesn’t remember anything, so I give her back her memory of the experience. We then talk about it.

I ask Jill if she would like to be my Hypnoslave, and seduce her with the idea. (Originally this set was going to be for HypnosisFetish.com, but because of how responsive Jill was, we decided to keep going after changing the tape, and do a full blown HypnoSlave session.)

I have Jill tell me about her most personal and secret sexual fantasy. I have her imagine doing that with me, while she pleasures herself.

I suggest that Jill embrace me in the sexiest and slittiest way that she knows how. I then suggest that she’s going to get herself off, just by rubbing against me. I then hold her in my arms, and give her suggestions that cause her to feel really good. I then suggest that my scent is a powerful aphrodisiac.

I wrap up this part of the session, by dressing Jill.

In between the first part of the session and the second part, Jill mentions to me that she is a smoker, and wants to quit, but feels powerless to do so. I show her my variation of using hypnosis to give up smoking. In this part I get some background on the issue. Once I feel that I have enough information, I begin the process of turning a smoker in to a non-smoker.

I continue the process. Now that I have removed power from the cigarettes, while using the control structure to increase my control over Jill, I continue to remove the other influences and association that it had over her.

I continue the process, exploring and altering her perception of smoking in the past. After that, I make sure that the thing that she wants to quit no longer has any value to her. I then make some tests of her responses to hypothetical future situations. In the process, I create a feedback loop in her mind that strengthens the affirmation that she is a non smoker, every time she says it, with a little bit of operant conditioning thrown in for good measure.

I finish up the process, and observe the effects, satisfied that I’ve created a permanent change in Jill.

Since Jill is in my arms, pressed against me, I decide to suggest that she feels sex. In the middle of the pleasure, I instruct her to stand at attention, and she does so immediately. I then give her suggestions that reinforces the idea that she enjoys and thinks it’s cool to instantly and automatically obey my instructions.

I chain Jill to the cross. As I chain her, I give her thoughts of obedience to program in to her mind.

Jill is chained to the cross, and cannot move. I now suggest that she live her sexual fantasy. I then start to strip her. I give her the desire to kiss her master Aaron, and then pull outside of her reach, teasing her. I have her agree to submit even deeper to me in exchange for the kiss that she needs so much.

Now I suggest that Jill wants to feel my hands on her breasts more than anything. I have her practically beg for it. Then I touch her and she feels pleasure.

I suggest that when I take off Jill’s skirt, she will feel that she’s having oral sex. Then I suggest that when I pull down Jill’s panties, she’s going to feel that she’s getting fucked. I let her feel this for a while, gradually increasing the sensation, and denying her the orgasm. I then change her sense of time to drag it out even longer for her, before finally allowing her to orgasm.

I suggest that when I release Jill from the cross, she will throw herself in to my arms.

I reinforce Jill’s obedience to me as I take off her clothes. I walk away from her to get her slave collar, and suggest to her that she feels my distance, and desires my closeness. I then collar her.

Jill is deeply hypnotized, has just finished time chained to the cross, and has been stripped naked. Now, wearing only a collar, it’s time to continue her slave training. I teach her new positions to take on my command. Additionally, I teach her how to orgasm like a slave.

Now I teach Jill how to cum like a slave. She’s a quick learner, and ready to learn how to climax like a slave after that. I then train her to embrace me as a slave. I then give her a rapid fire sequence of instructions to test her training.

I bring Jill to something resembling a waking state, where she is still my slave. I use her triggers, and the things I have trained her to do, and interact with her as I do so.

I have Jill present her ass, and I introduce her to the flogger of ticklishness. I put her through the paces with the flogger, having her take every possible position I can think of while I flog her with it.

I talk with my hypnoslave about the flogger of ticklishness. We take a short break for water, and then I start using the flogger of ticklishness on Jill again. I then talk with her about my preferred forms of BDSM play. I then flog her more.

I turn the flogger of ticklishness in to the flogger of orgasmic lust. I use it that way for a while and then I turn my flogger back in to the flogger of ticklishness. It suddenly occurs to me that I have an obedient slave that will do anything I tell her. So I tell her to stand on one foot and flog her feet. I then tell her that she has to keep her balance or I will punish her.

I chain Jill’s wrists, and then give her the strong need to masturbate, while denying her ability to do so.

I have Jill kneel, and I use my influence over her to program her in ways to improve her life.

I now remove the bondage gear from my hypnoslave in preparation for the end of the session. I then give her end of session wrap up suggestions, and bring her out of the formal trance state. After I bring her out of the state, I use her slave triggers, and she that she is very confused. I place her back in to the trance state for a moment, and her responses are clear and instantaneous. I then wake her up and thank her for the session.

After the session we are talking, and I place her back in to hypnosis, quickly and easily for a little more pleasure. I then suggest that when she wakes up she will laugh because I just told her the funniest joke. [ End of Session ]

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