Stephanie HypnoSlave

It’s two years later, and it’s time to hypnotize Stephanie again. I ask her what it was like last time, and she says that it was nice, and comfortable, but she remembered me laughing at her a lot. I take her deep in to the trance, very quickly.

I suggest to Stephanie that she feels turned on, and also that it’s perfectly natural that she obey my voice. I continue to increase her arousal, and then suggest that she move her hips to express how she feels, and then to move her hands all over her body. I also ask her how long it’s been since her last orgasm, and she says that it’s been two weeks. I suggest that she feels the best oral sex of her life, and that the sound of my voice makes her hornier and hornier. I then suggest that she take off her shirt. I ask her to describe how she feels and she says that she wants pleasure.

I continue to increase the pleasure, linking it to the sound of my voice. I suggest that Stephanie remove her bra and her skirt, and then I suggest that the best oral sex becomes the best sex. As she feels this, I suggest that she can’t keep the sounds of her pleasure inside, as she gets louder and louder. As she feels this pleasure, I ask her what the most pleasurable part of last time was, and she answers in great detail. She also gives me insight in to how much her conscious mind remembered of the last experience.

I suggest that Stephanie take my hand and move it to where it feels good, as the arousal builds and builds. I bring Stephanie to multiple orgasms on my command, and while this happens, I have her program her mind to always cum and orgasm on my command.

I ask Stephanie what her most personal fantasy is, and she says that it’s to sleep with her ex-boyfriend again. I give her her fantasy, and then cure her of her longings for her ex, giving her closure.

Now that there’s a vacancy for her new fantasy, I giver her a new one, It’s being hypnotized by me. I ask her more questions about how it feels to be hypnotized by me, and her attitudes about it.

I suggest that she feels a thousand tongues licking her everywhere. Then I suggest that she’s being tickled.

I suggest that Stephanie pulls off her panties, so that she can be naked. Then I suggest that she feels drawn to me, and she curls up with me. I then suggest that she fantasize about having sex with me as she fingers herself. I have her describe fantasizing about me as she masturbates, and then I block her orgasm response, as I increase her romantic attraction to my voice. I continue to increase her arousal, and her need, and hen suggest that she will orgasm when I touch her breast, now and always. I then follow this up with intense feelings of sex and pleasure.

Remembering from our last session that Stephanie is in to Video games, I suggest to her that every time I say the word game, that she feels a rush of pleasure that travels from her clit to her nipples, and that she also feels the desire to be noticed by me. I then suggest that she believes that she’s dressed in a beautiful purple dress, so that she doesn’t feel shy being naked. We then talk about video games, including the one that I play.

I let Stephanie express her feelings without feeling shy or bashful, as she feels the best sex of her life. However, I keep her somewhat interactive as this happens.

I lead Stephanie through a progressive relaxation exercise with orgasms.

I ask Stephanie what she feels when I touch her breasts. Then I do so. I then have her describe what she is feeling. I then suggest that she repeats ten times and believes the sentence: Being hypnotized by Aaron is the coolest. As she does this, I suggest that she runs her hands all over her body.

I continue to talk about games with Stephanie, only this time I also suggest that anything I do to a candy bracelet, she feels in her clit. Because of this, I also mention that I had recently gone to raver day at Disneyland, and show her my candy bracelet. Combining the two topics, I think of raver day at Ironforge, and explore this idea that I find to be incredibly funny, as she squirms.

At the snap of my fingers, Stephanie realizes that she’s not wearing a dress, and the pleasure continues.

I have Stephanie get dressed, with a little bit of pleasure on top… [End of First Half]

After a brief interruption at what appeared to be the wrap up, I increase Stephanie’s desire to obey me, and have her count down from 100 while I prepare the cross. Each number she count, take her in to a much more obedient space. After the cross is set up, I make the numbers lost and confused in her mind, as I take her even deeper.

I lead Stephanie over to the cross and make her in to my HypnoSlave. I use suggestion to cause her arms to be frozen to the cross, and I unbutton her shirt, as I have her express all her thoughts about what’s happening to her.

I continue to undress Stephanie, and then I give her the suggestion that she wants nothing more than to wrap her body around mine. Since she is bound to the cross, she can’t, and I let this build in her mind. I then separate her legs, and cause her to orgasm.

I continue to dominate Stephanie further, and I suggest that she feels a stiff, warm, something slide in between her legs. I ask her what she feels, and she says that she feels my dick. I let her feel the sex, as I give her the suggestion that she repeat and believe, “Aaron is my master,” as she feels this pleasure. I then ask her to describe her thoughts, and she describes her submission.

I release her from her bondage to the cross, and she flies in to my arms and wraps her body around me. She feels the best sex ever, and I cause her to feel more lust for me than she’s ever felt for anyone in her life. As she feels this, I continue to have her give me her thoughts and feelings.

I suggest that when I snap my fingers, Stephanie will feel more lust for me than she’s felt for anyone in her life. She’ll feel more passion and she’ll be all over me, torn between the desire to be close to me and the desire to take off her clothes. I then give her some orgasms. As her desire to be near me grows strong, I freeze her hands to the cross and watch her squirm. I then release her and bring her to more pleasure. I then give her positive suggestions an bring her out of the trance.

As Stephanie gets dressed, I use her post hypnotic triggers to take control of her again. As I control her mind and her body, I bring her pleasure, and cause her to forget everything she’s ever known about sex, as I create the best sex ever for her.

I then wake Stephanie up and have her resume what she was doing. We then take a few pictures together, and I hypnotize her again and trigger her orgasm while we do so.

Final orgasm and final wrapup. [ End of Session ]

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