Brittany and Kelly HypnoSlaves

I begin the HypnoSlave induction with two of my best HypnoSlaves, Brittany and Kelly. They are already in their slave uniforms, and the induction features an emphasis on obedience. I suggest feelings of pleasure to them, as I collar them.

I use a variety of methods including verbal suggestion and physical suggestion to create an intense state of arousal and horniness in my two HypnoSlaves. As these feelings build, I have them adopt the posture of submission.

I suggest that my HypnoSlaves are being tickled in some very personal places, and then that they will cum for me. As they do so, I reinforce the idea in their minds that they want to please me.

I place Kelly on the cross, and render her in to a state where she is ours to play with. I then have Brittany be my hands and touch her all over, as I increase the arousal levels of my HypnoSlaves.

I suggest to Brittany that she will lick Kelly’s breast. She does so. Meanwhile, I continue to suggest feelings of arousal and obedience to Kelly, and then trigger multiple orgasms with her.

Now my HypnoSlaves positions are reversed, and Kelly licks Brittany’s breast as I trigger multiple orgasms with her.

I place my HypnoSlaves in to each other’s arms and suggest that they are having sex with each other.

My HypnoSlaves are in my arms, and I suggest that they press their breasts against me while I trigger orgasms in them.

I freeze my HypnoSlaves in to place as I position their hands on each other’s bodies. I then trigger orgasms in Kelly, as I instruct Brittany to touch her. Then I position them on their backs.

My HypnoSlaves are tangled around each other, on their backs, and I suggest to them that they are being tickled. I then suggest that they are being tickled by the other, so they must tickle back. Then I suggest that the tickles are making them feel horny. I then have them race to make the other one orgasm by licking their breast.

I suggest that my HypnoSlaves are annoyed with their panties, and take them off at my command. Then I suggest that their fingers are magnets that are drawn to their clits. Then I make it so they can’t touch their clits. Then I let them touch themselves again, and have them get lost in the pleasure.

I suggest that my HypnoSlaves feel like they are on ecstasy, as they touch themselves. Then I place them in to each others arms and give them an orgasm.

My HypnoSlaves are in each other’s arms, and I suggest a variety of feelings to them. First, I suggest that their asses are being tickled. Then I suggest that they feel a vibrator. Then I suggest that they feel the most perfect cock inside them, and watch them go nuts. Then I trigger an orgasm.

I bring my HypnoSlave, Brittany, to her feet and command her to embrace me. In my arms, I suggest that she feels sex and I bring her a whole lot of pleasure. I then have her adopt the posture of obedience, and to count backwards softly while she waits for my next command.

Now I bring my HypnoSlave, Kelly, to her feet and suggest that she feels sex as well, before triggering her orgasm. I then have her adopt the posture of obedience.

My HypnoSlaves are in the posture of obedience. I have them relax their bodies and clear their minds. I then lead them through a creative visualization of being on the beach. I then count down to an orgasm, suggesting several erotic things with each number.

The girls are now out of the formal trance state, and I listen to them talk to each other a bit as I remove their collars. I give them another orgasm, and watch as they respond with their waking selves.

I thank the girls for coming out tonight with a hug and a final orgasm. [ End of Session ]

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