DJ Skye HypnoSlave 2

I talk with DJ Skye, as I chain her to the cross. We discuss how inexperienced she is in regards to BDSM, and shares her thoughts and impressions on the subject with me as I restrain her. Once restrained, I begin the hypnotic induction. The induction style is seductive and dominating. I suggest that she responds to me with arousal in every way and that she feels pleasure.

I increase DJ Skye’s arousal and feelings of pleasure. It is revealed that she wants to move her hands and to touch her body, but she can’t because she’s restrained. I associate thoughts of me with her desire to touch herself, and then I collar her, making her my HypnoSlave.

I suggest that DJ Skye is having the best sex of her life. I then drop her deeper in to a trance state, give her suggestions associating lust, arousal, and strong sexual desire to my slightest touch.

I lower DJ Skye’s pants off her body, as she’s chained to the cross. My slightest touch arouses her, and I suggest that she will find this to be incredibly sexy. I haver her give me her thoughts as I do this. Now that her pussy is exposed, she wants to pleasure herself physically, but she is restrained and frustrated from doing so.

I lift up DJ Skye’s shirt, suggesting that she’ll feel a sexual thrill as I do so. She continues to feel frustrated that she is restrained from pleasuring herself.

Next, I suggest that DJ Skye is going to feel her bra being moved up, and when she does she will feel thrill after thrill after thrill in her body. I then use suggestion to prevent her from moving her arms as I undo her restraints. I tease her by denying her the ability to touch herself. I then reinforce ideas in her mind as I remove her clothes.

I suggest that DJ Skye embrace me with her full body as a lover. I suggest that she perceives me as her lover, and that she is having sex in her lover’s arms. I suggest that the sex feels better and better as she becomes more and more enthusiastic. I build her up closer and closer to the orgasm, but then drop her deep in to the trance, and lead her back to the cross.

Back on the cross, I ask DJ Skye how she feels, and she tells me that she feels happy because of the pleasure. I continue to feed the flames of lust and desire. I continue to frustrate her desire to touch herself. However, I suggest that my touch brings her pleasure, and that she’s grateful for the pleasure I bring her. I then build her up to the edge of the most powerful orgasm of her life.

I bring out the flogger, and suggest that she feels pleasure wherever I flog her. I then suggest that she spread her legs apart in the hope that I will flog her there. I suggest that she try to move her body so that I will flog her on that special spot. I then trigger multiple orgasms while I flog her pussy.

I suggest that DJ Sky have a 60 second long orgasm. I trigger even more pleasure as she’s in the midst of the 60 second orgasm, and I use my flogger. She counts the seconds in her mind, and then I suggest that when she reaches 55 that she will forget what number comes next.

I suggest again that DJ Sky wants to pleasure herself. However, I also suggest that there is a forcefield around her pussy that she just can’t put her fingers through. I then free her hands from their bondage, and watch as she whimpers in frustration. I then make the force field larger, and she whimpers more as her hands not only can’t pleasure herself, but get pushed further away. Eventually she can’t touch her own body at all, but the desire keeps increasing. As she’s distracted with these things, I reinforce the idea that she associates my voice with sexual pleasure. I then lower the forcefield and she moves her hands between her legs quickly. I give her a few seconds, before suggesting her hands move up above he head, and as they rise, she whimpers again in frustration.

I reinforce ideas of obedience in DJ Skye’s mind, and chain her back to the cross. I suggest that her pussy is being licked by ten tongues, and then trigger multiple orgasms. Choose video format: [QuickTime (720x480) Standard Definition] [Windows Media (720x480) Standard Definition]

Clip Thirteen: I suggest that there is a vibrator causing DJ Skye to feel pleasure. I then play around with turning on and off this vibrator, and changing the speed. I then trigger pleasure, and then expand her ability to climax without holding anything back.

I unchain DJ Skye from the cross, and ask her how she feels. I give her positive suggestions and reinforce ideas of servitude to me. I have her orgasm in my arms, and then have her describe how she feels. I notice that she has interesting body responses to the pleasure that she feels, so I experiment a little with them.

I have DJ Skye kneel before me, and experience pleasure on my command. I take my collar off, freeing her from being my slave for a while, but leaving her with the suggestion that she will look forward to being my slave again. This is the end of the main program.

This clip is to fulfill a request of a long time subscriber. This clip is a treat to all of our foot fetishists out there. I hypnotize DJ Skye, and make her feet the most erogenous part of her body, so much that given the choice between having someone give her oral sex or touch her feet, she would choose her feet.

The second half of the foot fetish clip, DJ Skye is awake, but I still play with her triggers. I tickle her as she feels the pleasurable feelings. I then place her back in to the trance, and suggest that she touch herself wherever she wants to feel good. I then wake her up, to her surprise, mid orgasm, which has the effect of totally blowing her mind. I thought it was pretty funny, so I do it again.

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