Nails HypnoSlave 4

I begin the session with nails by reviewing our equipment. She checks to see if there is anything new and finds that there isn’t. I do a review of my floggers with her, and discover that she has strange foot issues when I decide to leave the floggers on her foot while getting a nice tight closeup for the foot fetishists out there. Ultimately I end up using all three of my floggers (The Flogger of Extreme Horniness, The Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness, and The Punishment Flogger) on her feet, and then move it to some of the more sensitive parts of her body, while she maintains the challenging position.

With one foot up on the bondage bench, and the other foot on the ground, there’s a nice place between her legs for me to flog her, and I do so. I then drape the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness and the Flogger of Extreme Horniness around her body and trigger an orgasm. I increase the effect of the floggers, and then have her cum on command. I ask her what she’s feeling, and as she struggles to maintain the position I trigger a sexual climax. I can see that she’s having trouble maintaining the position, so I bring her up on top of the bondage bench.

I relax Nails for a few moments to give her a breather, before turning off her thoughts and cranking up the intensity of her feelings, as an animal in heat, horny. I suggest that she’s turned on, and then that she is having sex. Reinforcing her obedience to me, I trigger an orgasm.

I have Nails take off her shirt. I then lay my hands upon her, bringing her pleasure. My touch brings her pleasure and she accepts the truth of it. I explain her place in my dungeon and this amplifies the pleasure. I then have her take off her pants. While she is in the process of doing so, I surprise her by using the trigger that causes her to cum on my command. I have her continue cumming until I tell her to stop. I reinforce her obedience, and trigger more pleasure as I take a good slow close up look at her body with the camera. I notice that she’s have an easier time keeping her breath while I trigger multiple forms of pleasure, so I turn up the intensity.

Vulnerable and prone on my bondage bench, I have nails identify my three floggers. The response to the punishment flogger is very amusing and causes her feet to move very quickly. I then take off her panties and continue having her identify the floggers.

I decide that it’s time to make the punishment flogger even more punishing. After doing so I use the Punishment Flogger and the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her at the same time, a process which she describes as torture. I approve of this.

I bring out my single tail whip, and she still responds to the sound. However, she is very afraid of the whip flicking her pussy again. As she tries to protect herself, I use the Punishment Flogger to cause her to change her mind. After toying with her for a while, I cause her to have an orgasm on contact.

I help Nails get in to a new position, however I trigger massive orgasms while doing so. At one point she burps, so I punish her very severely with the punishment flogger. Then I give her a few moments to catch her breath.

I am about to give Nails a reward. Unfortunately she changes her position, so first I have to punish her. After her punishment, I reward her with the Flogger of Extreme Horniness between her legs on her shaved pussy. At my suggestion, the pleasure of the reward gets better and better.

I suggest that her entire body is one extended erogenous zone. Everywhere that skin touches skin feels good.

I have Nails bend over my bondage bench and give her practice identifying the floggers from behind.

I begin by relaxing her, and then surprise her by having her cum on command 3 times suddenly. I command her to stand at attention, and she is slow, so I use the Punishment Flogger on her. I then move the bondage bench out of the way and when I suggest that the carpet is ticklish, she immediately jumps in to my arms. I trigger many forms of pleasure and suggest that she’s having sex in the air. I then decide to have her tell me what it’s like to be a HypnoSlave. I then make her cum over and over again until she’s on the floor.

I can see that this has been a very intense session, and that’s I’ve pretty much worn her out, so I begin to relax her and cool her down. I take her in to a state of pleasure and mindless bliss. Bringing her out of the formal trance state, I find out that she’s been a bit of a scrapper lately and thats put some additional strain on her in addition to the gymnastics of today’s session. I then surprise her with another orgasm and ticklish carpet before we wrap up the session. [ End of Session ]

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