Sarah HypnoSlave

I ask Sarah about how it feels to be hypnotized to be obedient. I then talk with her about making her my HypnoSlave. I take her back in to the trance and give her a hypnotic safeword that will put her in to a trance instead of any suggestion that is uncomfortable to her. I then suggestion obedience.

I suggest that Sarah will be deeply in love with me for the next hour. She opens her eyes and you can see the emotion in them. I ask for a hug and suggest pleasure. She feels it, and when I ask her how it felt, she said that she felt like she had just cum. I give her another hug with pleasure.

I have Sarah get down on her knees and kiss the back of my hand. I then give her a few other commands to check her responsiveness my commands. I then command her to orgasm, and then place a leash on her to make her the ultimate slave in preparation to taking her back to the equipment.

I take Sarah in back and place her on the first piece of equipment. I then take her deep in to hypnosis, and suggest that she becomes more submissive than she’s ever imagined possible.

I do hypno-spanking with Sarah. I then explain the mechanism, and then give her orgasms. After that, I show hypno-hair pulling, similar to the hypno-spanking.

I have Sarah turn around and bend over a bench with her ass in the air, as I explain in greater detail the precise mechanism of the hypno-spanking. I then demonstrate several alternatives, as well as a pleasure pain cycle, along with all the psychological details.

I complete my thoughts on the hypno-spanking, and then have my subject feel gratitude to me for the pleasure. I give her a suggestion that makes it so that someone else would have to go through the entire process to make her a hypno-slave, and not just merely repeat my words to her. I then give her more pleasure.

I lead Sarah by the leash, and suggest that she feels compelled to follow it. I then take her to the cross. I then use suggestion to freeze and attach her to the cross. I then wake her up attached to the cross with no idea how she got there. I then do hypno-tickling with her attached to the cross. I then give her a variety of different sensations while she’s attached to the cross. I then build up to multiple orgasms.

I have Sarah bend over the bench, and I train her to have the relaxed orgasm.

I prepare to release my HypnoSlave from her servitude, but before I do that, I suggest that all these feelings go in to a special place in her mind reserved for me. Then I suggest that she will express her gratitude to me. I then wrap up the hypnotic session. [ End of Session ]

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