DJ Skye HypnoSlave 3

It’s been a while since I’ve hypnotized DJ Skye. I begin the session with an instant induction, which works very well based upon her responsiveness and our history together.

I continue the deepening process, and then give her another physical suggestion to take further in to the trance state, similar to the initial physical suggestion in the instant induction. When she is standing, feet together and hands at her sides, her eyes are in REM.

I give her suggestions of arousal, and start an orgasm on the slow process of building up in the background, while I continue the deepening process. I then link the orgasm that she’s going to feel, with the desire to obey my commands and to please me in every way that she can think of.

I suggest that DJ Skye sees a dial inside her mind, like a dial on a mixer. This dial controls how horny she feels. In this way I’ve combined a creative visualization with a sensory hallucination or emotional manipulation (depending on whether or not she interprets feeling horny in a physical way or an emotional way). I tell her that I’m about to move the dial, which causes a priming effect in her mind, preparing to respond to the trigger. Then after I give her the trigger, I have her describe how it feels. I do this repeatedly and watch her response as I increase her horniness. As this continues, I instruct her to take off her clothes.

I chain DJ Skye to the cross as I give her another dial that controls her obedience to me. I reinforce the idea that my touch brings her pleasure, as I trace my fingers over her naked body.

DJ skye is naked, hypnotized, and chained to the cross. I then give her suggestions that cause her breasts to become more sensitive to pleasure. I suggest that she wants to feel the pleasure from touching her breasts, but she can’t as she’s restrained. I then place the idea in to her mind that my touch would be wonderful and would allow her to feel the pleasure. I continue to place the idea in to her mind that she would be very grateful for my touch on her breasts and it would cause her to orgasm. I have her envision me touching her breasts in her mind, causing her to feel desire for it to happen. I then touch her breasts, triggering multiple orgasms. After the pleasure, I drop her deeper and reinforce the idea that she submits to me.

I have the idea, “I submit” cycle through her mind, over and over again, with the positive reinforcement of pleasure attached to it. I have her look in to my eyes, and I trigger or orgasms. I ask her what she’s thinking, and she says that she wants more. I reinforce my control over her pleasure, mind, and body with the questions that I ask her and her answers. I then take her breast in to my hand and trigger several orgasms as her reward for being obedient.

I then train her to orgasm, cum, and climax like a slave. As I do this, I collar her.

I give DJ Skye the suggestion that all she wants to do is to wrap her arms around her master. I then release her and have her embrace me. I then trigger several orgasm responses from her.

Now I train DJ skye to respond to my three standard HypnoSlave commands: attention, pose and kneel.

I give DJ Skye a series of suggestions designed to increase her favorable response to being in my arms. I then give her a series of suggestions designed to reinforce the idea that she is being dominated and that it is sexy to her. I then give her a trigger to cum multiple times.

I suggest to DJ Skye that she is having sex right this moment. I then have her fondle her breasts. I then suggest that she wants to pleasure herself between her legs. However, her hands move slower and slower, and the harder she tries to move them the harding it gets to move them. As she gets more frustrated at her need to pleasure herself being blocked, I place the idea in to her mind to visualize herself pleasuring herself while her master brings pleasure to her breasts. Using the principal of misattribution of arousal, she should associate the intensity of the need that she feels to pleasure herself with the desire that she is visualizing. Then at the snap of my fingers, she lives out this fantasy.

I suggest to DJ Skye that she will wake up with no memory of the trance, wearing clothes, and not recognizing the clothing at her feet as belonging to her. I then go back to the hand movements that I was doing as part of the instant induction. I then suggest that she’s horny and fells flirtatious when I bring her out of the trance state. I talk with her a little bit about what it’s like for her to be hypnotized, and she tells me that she always feels at peace when she leaves. Otherwise, she’s a blank slate for me to do with as I please. I then take her back in to the trance state. I then punctuate the process with an orgasm.

I reinforce the idea in DJ Skye’s mind, that when I give her the command to pose, she wants to look her sexiest, and she wants me to notice her. I then have her imagine her and another girl as my slave. I lead her through a series of visualizations, and I use her responses to plan out my next session involving her and another one of my HypnoSlaves. She responds favorably, and tells me that she would like to experience it. I reward her with pleasure.

I continue to tantalize DJ Skye with thoughts of what it would be like to be with another HypnoSlave. I then have her kiss the back of my hand, thinking it’s the other HypnoSlave’s pussy. I then trigger another orgasm, to reinforce these ideas in her mind, and associate them with pleasure. I then give her a subconscious instruction to look forward to our next session because she, along with another HypnoSlave, will know pleasure unlike anything she’s ever felt before. I give her instructions to dress very sexy, as if she were going on a date.

I have DJ Skye pose, and place her breasts on display. I then suggest to her that if I were to cup her breasts it would be the most intense pleasure she’s ever felt in her life. I do so.

I dress DJ Skye, and in preparation for the end of the session. From time to time, when she’s in an awkward position, I trigger an orgasm.

I suggest that DJ Skye is irresistibly drawn to me. I embrace her as my slave, and then I take off her collar. Then on the snap of my fingers, she is awake and out of hypnosis. She will then throw herself in to my arms and her subconscious mind will express how much it’s looking forward to the next session as she embraces me. I give her an orgasm and climax trigger for good measure, and then am amused as she doesn’t seem to want to let go of me. Since she doesn’t want to let go, I use a few more of her pleasure triggers. [End of Session]

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