Amanda HypnoSlave 2

I have just purchased a new bondage bench, and I introduce Amanda to it, as we prepare to start the session. Since it’s only been about 24 hours since my last session with her (Amanda, Hypnotized 2 on, I proceed with the hypnosis session using the direct approach.

I place Amanda’s slave collar around her neck, and then give her suggestions of pleasure and obedience.

I place wrist cuffs on to Amanda’s arms, suggesting that she becomes more excited and aroused as I place more equipment on her. I deepen her obedience to me as I put more leather on her. I then leave her arms frozen in to place. I have her try to move them, but as she finds that she can’t, she realizes that she is becoming more obedient to me. The harder she tries to move her arms, the stronger the throbbing between her legs becomes.

With her arms still frozen in place, Amanda finds herself to be very ticklish because of my hypnotic suggestion. I also freeze her feet in to position, and continually suggest that she becomes even more and more ticklish.

I run through all of her slave commands: Attention, pose, present your breasts, embrace, cum. She responds quite well to them, and I am satisfied with her slave conditioning. I then have her cum like a slave, before using her slave commands to keep her in the position I want while tickling her again, using suggestions of increased ticklishness. I then reward her with an orgasm.

I teach her a new slave command to interact with the bondage bench. Whenever I tell her to bend, she will bend over the closest object.

Now it’s time to chain her to the bondage bench. After I chain her up, I run her through her slave commands to see what she will do now that she’s chained up. I’m particularly amused by how she responds to the command to present her breasts. I then trigger a few orgasms.

I re-accquiant Amanda with the floggers of extreme horniness and extreme ticklishness. Her response to the flogger of extreme horniness isn’t all that extreme, so I use the flogger of extreme ticklishness on her and that gets a big response out of her. I pull down the top of her dress and flog her breasts.

I suggest to her that she is having sex with her Master and that the only thoughts in her mind is that she must please her master. I then trigger orgasms.

I slowly arouse different parts of her body and then trigger more pleasure. Next I suggest that her skin tingles with pleasure, like she’s being kissed all over. Then I surprise her with a climax.

I bring back out the Cum Wand and watch her response to it.

I suggest that she’s extremely ticklish again, and tickle her breasts. Then I alternate between tickling her and using the cum wand on her. She gets loud and I drive her a little crazy, then I make her silent and pose her a little.

I have my HynpoSlave show me how she gives oral sex.

I move the camera in close to her and run her through her slave triggers and some orgasms.

At the count of three, she feels awake and alert, and the carpet is tickling her feet. Then, to increase her tickle torment, I suggest that the top of the bench is tickling her as well. Then I make the tickles stronger and stronger, before suggesting that she cum. She enjoys the pleasure and the relief from the tickles, and then I bring them back. I ask her to describe what this feels like, and she tells me. I then make her feel the tickles and the cumming both at the same time, again and again and again. Through all this, I have her remember who she obeys. Then I drop her back in to a trance state.

I have Amanda present her breasts. I then suggest that her hands are stuck to her breasts, before suggesting that everywhere that her fingers touch her skin, they tickle her. I make her tickle herself, and then progressive make her tickled in more and more places as I watch her squirm, chained to the bondage bench. I then make her cum and orgasm and climax a bunch of times, and then some more in reverse.

I ask her if this feels like torture. In the midst of hypno-tickling she says yes. So I walk over to her and touch her, and my touch brings her pleasure and stops the hypno tickling torture. Of course, when I remove my touch, it returns. I reinforce the idea that obedience to me is pleasure, and reward her with orgasms.

I take my hand off her, and the tickle torment resumes. She tells me that she wants my touch back, and I tell her she should beg. I let her squirm and beg for a while, before giving her my touch again. I then have her cum like a horny slave slut in heat, on command, before taking my touch away again, and watching her squirm.

I wake Amanda up for a few moments, and discuss what the experience is like with her.

I focus on her feet, and cause her to be tickled there, no matter what she does.

She gets lucky, and manages to undo one of the fasteners. We sort it out, and then continue with the bound hypnotic pleasure.

I give Amanda a suggestion that causes her to feel a surge of horniness and to want me to notice her breasts every time I say the words Fight Club. We then have a discussion, and I try to fit that phrase in every chance I get.

I have her present her breasts, and then suggest that her fingers are like ice cubes, cold. I expect this to torment her, but she’s hot under the lights, and likes it. So I suggest that the tickles have come back. I watch her squirm, and then have her cum like a good slave, before placing my touch on her back and giving her relief from the tickles. Out loud, I muse that this project is a bit more patriarchal than my other projects, as I play with my chained up hypnotized slave. I then revisit the Fight Club suggestion and watch it’s affect on her. I particularly like the effect it has on her as I touch her breast, relieving her from the tickles, and fulfilling her desire to have me notice her breasts. I then trigger a lot of pleasure, and watch her melt submissively in to my touch.

I think out loud that she’s lucky that I’m merely suggesting that she’s being tickled, when there’s so many other more sinister things I could be suggesting. I then free her from the tickles, and then I free her from the chains. As I take the bondage gear off her body, I give her suggestions to make her daily life easier. I drive the conditioning home with pleasure.

I replace her dress on her body and give her some suggestions for her to respond favorably to me. I then have her open her eyes, and remember that I have a copy of her clit on my finger. I play with her using the spare clit, while discussing the session with her, amused at her continued response to the Fight Club suggestion. I then wrap up the session.

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