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In this clip, we talk with Wish about the last hypnotic session and how it affected her. I then tell her that in this session I will be dominating her mind and her body.

The induction moves very quickly, as I know that she is very responsive to my words. I also still have a post hypnotic trance trigger in her mind, so that helps things move along as well. I then suggest various forms of arousal and obedience.

I lead Wish to a chair and set her down in it. I then suggest that as I restrain her hands, she will feel even more obedient and submissive. I continue to reinforce this as I handcuff her. I then suggest that she feels a tongue licking her pussy, and that she’s very horny. I also suggest that her nipples feel sensitive and that they need to be touched, but her hands are handcuffed behind her head. Her legs spread apart as she feels her pussy being licked, and she’s getting hornier than she’s ever been in her life. In the back of her mind, the need to feel her breasts being fondled, is frustrated, but growing.

Hypnotized and horny and squirming in her chair, I have Wish tell me her thoughts and feelings. She admits that she’s horny and wants to pleasure herself, but she can’t. I ask her who her Master is, and she answers instantly that it’s Aaron. I continue to increase the intensity of her desires, and then place the idea in her mind that her Master might help her. She embraces this idea. I then have her creatively visualize her Master giving her pleasure.

I suggest that Wish begs her Master to please her, and to surrender to her lust completely. She does, and as I give her the pleasure she needs, I command her to cum again and again. I then trigger an even deeper trance, and command her to orgasm, and to know what an orgasm is and that she is having one right now.

I suggest that Wish feels gratitude to her Master for all that pleasure. I then suggest that when I release her hands, she won’t be able to get her shirt off fast enough so she can pleasure her breasts. As she pleasures herself, I freeze her, and inject more ideas in to her mind about wanting to obey and please her Master.

I suggest that when Wish opens her eyes, it will be the birthday of the man sitting in the chair, and that it’s her job to give him a lap dance. She will be excited that she gets to give the Master a lap dance on his birthday. As she does so, I eventually decide to give her an orgasm.

I suggest that Wish feels a tongue licking her. I then give her the idea that it will feel better if she takes off her skirt, and she does. I then lead her to the cross, and freeze her body to it. I then watch her try to break free of the cross, but she can’t. As she tries with all her might, she will eventually use it all up, at which point she will submit to me completely. I then ask her a few questions to determine the state of her mind, and then reward the correct answers with an orgasm on the cross. As she orgasms on the cross, I take off her panties. Then I suggest that her legs spread apart, and that more of her becomes attached to the cross. I then have her try to break free again, and the harder she tries, the hornier she gets.

Wish is bound to the cross, and I suggest that she is being tickled. I watch her squirm and then I move the tickles to more sexy spots. An orgasm follows shortly.

I suggest that Wish feels horny for her Master, and that she expresses this horniness. As she melts it to my arms, I suggest that she feels that she’s having sex, and that her body is on autopilot as she feels the pleasure. I suggest that right now her mind isn’t controlling her body, but instead thousands and thousands of years of animal instincts are controlling her body, and those instincts are saying that she is having the best sex of her life. As the pleasure builds, I suggest that as she orgasms, she will drop to her knees in a posture of worship and obedience.

Kneeling on the floor, I suggest feelings of pleasure and obedience. I then collar her. I ask her a few questions to evaluate her mental state, and find that she’s in total service to me now. I give her a few trivial tasks to perform, and she does them instantly and precisely. I then have her embrace me in pleasure and the response is very noticeable.

I suggest that Wish rub my neck as we talk about her current point of view.

I’ve used hypnosis to make Wish obedient. Now I’m going to use obedience to make Wish more hypnotized. I use this opportunity to put more suggestions in to her mind. Then I bring her back to just a normal trance, and suggest powerful orgasms. I then continue to train her to know what an orgasm is.

I continue to trigger orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, and when Wish cannot stand anymore, I command her to go to her knees like a slave, and orgasm like a slave.

Wish is on her knees, and I suggest that she sees a cock before her and gives it the best blowjob ever. I then suggest that it explodes, and then give her an orgasm trigger.

I ask Wish questions about her obedience. Then I suggest to her that she imagines how wonderful it would have been if that had been her Master that she was just giving oral sex to. I then suggest that when she believes this fully, she will cum.

I use a hypnosis technique to cause Wish to forget her name. I then extend it to cause her to doubt that she’s ever had a name. Then I suggest that it’s silly to even think so, because slaves don’t have names. Then I suggest that her name is slave. This cements her slavery to me and I command her to orgasm.

Wish leans against me, and I give her back her name and release her from being my slave. As I undo her collar, I have her imagine and feel my fingers touching her pussy. While she imagines this, I ask her how she feels about it.

I use the flogger of ticklishness on Wish.

I wrap up the session with Wish. [ End of Session]

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