Sandy and Alexis HypnoSlaves

I talk with Sandy about her previous experience being hypnotized. This session takes place after filming Alexis, Hypnotized, and I ask her about what it was like to watch her friend experience hypnosis. I take her in to hypnosis very quickly, as she’s still conditioned to respond to my commands, and she is feeling particularly responsive after watching her friend get hypnotized. I then start to give her suggestions of pleasure and arousal. As I continue to build these feelings up in her, I ask her how long it has been since her last orgasm. I then have her tell me the details of her orgasm. I make her helpless to the pleasure,and prime her to be hypnotized and aroused with her friend.

I increase her feelings of arousal and elevate her sexual energy, and then trigger several orgasms, as I increase her attraction and feelings of arousal to everyone present.

I have her notice how unfair it is that her feet are being tickled. I watch her squirm as I suggest the tickles on different parts of her body. This switches to arousal as I suggest that she’s being tickled on her clit. I trigger pleasure and then have her strip at the snap of my fingers.

I pose her and she stays in whatever position I put her in. I then suggest that her nipples are being licked as she’s still in the position that I put her in. I then suggest that another tongue is licking her clit, and her hands start to roam her body as she feels this pleasure. As her hands roam her body, I suggest more pleasure and place her in to different positions, and then trigger orgasms. I then give her suggestions to cause her to respond favorably to me.

I place leather cuffs on her arms, suggesting that this will take her deeper in to hypnosis and turn her on a lot. I give her suggestions, but I also look her friend in the eye, and give her suggestions at the same time. I suggest that anywhere that skin touches skin feels as good as if her clit were being stroked.

I place her in to position on the cross. I give her further suggestions of obedience as I do this. Every time she says that she must obey, she feels a vibrator stimulating her. At the snap of my fingers she wants to touch herself between the legs more than she has ever wanted to do this before in her life. However, she is physically restrained from doing so. I then trigger a few orgasms, and suggest that her pussy is being licked and this is a relief from the unfulfilled desire between her legs.

Still on the cross, I suggest that her mind is blank and that her feet are being tickled a lot. I suggest that the tickles spread around her body, and that soon she will be giggling helplessly.

I use the Flogger of Extreme Ticklishness on her while she is bound to the cross. I then trigger several orgasms, and more tickling. She feels both, and then I suggest that she feels that she is having sex. I slow it down for a few moments to check on her condition, and then crank it back up as I suggest that her clit is throbbing and that she’s cumming harder than she’s ever cum in her life.

Now I introduce her to the Flogger of Extreme Horniness. I use the flogger on her and watch it take it’s effect. I then ask her how it makes her feel. She tells me that it feels good, so I continue to use it on her. I observe it’s effects on her and ask her how it feels a second time, and she asks me to stop. I stop and release her from her bondage to the cross. Once she is released from the cross, I ask her if it was unpleasant or too intense. She tells me that she didn’t know, that it was just… a lot. She seems okay, so I continue the session with feelings of peace and relaxation and then pleasure.

I have her hold her hands straight out in front of her. I suggest that there is a big red balloon tied around her wrist. As she relaxes more and more, it pulls her hand up in to the air. Then I suggest that there is a psychedelic colored balloon tied around her other wrist, and that it’s pulling it up higher and higher as she relaxes more and more.

I give her the same suggestions that I gave Alexis regarding the pressure points on her hands that cause her to feel different forms of pleasure on contact.

I place her in to position as I bring Alexis up to join in the session. While she goes deeper in to hypnosis, I use Alexis’ pleasure pressure points. I then place them both deeply in to hypnosis and move them in to position side by side, entranced.

I ask them both questions, and then influence some of their answers. I trigger pleasure and arousal, and reinforce their attraction to everyone present. I link their pleasure together and trigger a few orgasms.

I have the two girls use the pleasure pressure point triggers in a contest to see who can bring the other to the floor in pleasure first.

The loser of the contest has kiss the breasts of the winner. I then have the other one kiss her breasts too. I trigger pleasure, and then ask them about what it felt like to be in the contest and to kiss each other’s breasts. They feel silly and giggle while they do this.

I have them play again, only this time I suggest that Alexis will play to lose. Now I have the loser kiss the winners breasts for five seconds, and they feel very aroused while they do this, and get much more in to it. I then trigger pleasure and have them switch.

I place them in to each other’s arms and make them feel more pleasure and arousal. Their hands are all over each other, and they feel pleasure. Then they press up against each other and feel that they are having sex.

I then have them embrace me, and continue feeling this wonderful pleasure. I then suggest that they feel a selfish desire to use my body for their pleasure, pressing their curves on me as they feel more and more turned on. I suggest that they are having sex, and it’s safe and wonderful and perfect. I suggest that their clit is throbbing and that they know they are going to cum.

I adjust their responsiveness to the pleasure trigger. I then suggest that they are really horny and their bodies are on autopilot and that they can do whatever they want to do. The arousal increases, and I throw in a few spank suggestions for good measure. All these sensations build and build and build. I then have them embrace each other again, and feel that they are having sex with each other again. I suggest that the best part about it is how comfortable it feels to do this. They are comfortable exploring each other’s bodies.

I turn each of the girls in to a mannequin one at a time, while letting the other girl pose her and touch her wherever she wants. We then use Alexis’ fingers to trace her body.

Now we use the other model’s fingers to trace over her body. I then have the girls look in to each other’s eyes, and have them orgasm in different emotional contexts. I then use suggestion to arouse them in each other’s arms. Suddenly, I surprise them by suggesting that their fingers are ice cubes, but although initially startled, they seem to like it. I then give them tickle fingers.

I train the girls to be my HypnoSlaves. First, I train them to stand at attention before me. Then I train them to pose on command. I then train them to present their breasts. I practice these commands, as well as have them tell me how it feels to carry them out. I then train them to kneel on command.

I have the girls demonstrate how they perform oral sex. I have the girls lift their hands in to the air if them enjoy performing oral sex. One does without hesitation, while the other does not. I give her a suggestion that she does enjoy performing oral sex.

Now they are having sex and they are on top. I then reinforce the idea that they are my HypnoSlaves. I have them practice their HypnoSlave training. I then have them kneel and give them a few moments to catch their breaths.

I bring them out of the formal trance state and speak with them for a few moments. I suggest that while we chat, they are going to get more and more aroused with every second that passes. I then have them experience a lot of pleasure.

I have them practice their HypnoSlave commands and then I bend them over the saw horses. I use the Flogger of Extreme Horniness on them, but do not let them orgasm. I build an incredible need, and then I have them orgasm on command.

By touching each other’s breasts, they can make each other cum. I then have them lick each other’s nipples.

I have the girls touch each other’s breasts. I then have them follow each other’s hands down their bodies. I then have them see how close they will move to the special spot on each other’s bodies. I then increase their arousal and then trigger a long wonderful relaxed orgasm.

I suggest that at the count of three they will turn to each other and have a little tickle fight. However, as they tickle each other, they are going to get horny and eventually start making out. I then lift their arms as they feel incredible pleasure increasing.

I ask them how it felt to make out, and they both say that they do it all the time. So I trigger a few orgasms, and then have them kiss some more, this time suggesting that they will start cumming the moment their lips touch. I ask them how it felt, and they say that it felt good, so I have them do it again.

I have the girls embrace me, and explain with their bodies how much pleasure they have felt this night. I suggest that they tell me with their bodies, what they can’t tell me with words. I have them embrace me as a lover and feel themselves get ready to cum. [End of Session]

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